Brianna, 17

Yesterday I finally decided it was time to get my Taylor Swift tattoo. It is something I will always be able to look at and remember the most amazing woman who I look up to more than anyone else. What you went through Taylor, I completely understand the emotions behind everything and I love that your songs get me through whatever happens in my life. Dealing with boys, starting college, moving away from my family and friends… I couldn’t have dealt with all of that and my anxiety without you. I know one day I will have the honor to meet you and explain just how much you mean to me. I absolutely love this tattoo and the meaning behind it. I’ll always support you ❤️


More pictures here


More pictures here

Taylor Swift Perfumes/Fragrances over the years


I don’t need alcohol to make bad decisions



Taylor Swift in flowers

10 x 10 cm acrylic painting on canvas 

taylorswift inspired me a lot. As an aspiring artist, watching her make her art and achieving her wildest dreams, while having an amazing connection with her fans, helped me become more sure of what I want and gave me the needed confidence for it. So I am going to thank Taylor by having her as my muse for my upcoming art. 

I love your work so much.